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Lice Lifters DFW Treatment Centers

Lice Lifters DFW Treatment Centers

Web: http://www.liceliftersdfw.com
E-mail: infodfw@licelifters.com
Phone: (972) 805-1308
Social Media: Facebook page Twitter page Instagram Page You Tube Channel

Lice Lifters has 15 locations across the U.S. We currently have two Lice Lifter Treatment Centers serving the DFW Metroplex conveniently located in Frisco and Southlake. We pride ourselves in helping families deal with their head lice situations in an efficient and effective manner so that even the most stubborn cases of lice can return to regular life the same day. Our Certified Lifticians use an innovative comb-out technique to make sure no NIT is left standing GUARANTEED for 30 Days after treatment.

OVER THE COUNTER PRODUCTS DON'T WORK! There is a new strain of lice in Texas known as "Super Lice" that have become immune to over the counter products that contain pesticides such as Rid, Nix, and costly doctor prescriptions. If you prefer to treat at home we have a retail store in both of our locations where you can purchase Lice Treatment Kits.

Lice Lifters Treatment Centers are Pediatrician endorsed and school nurse recommended. Flex and health spending account payments taken. Same day appointments.

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