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Lemonade Day Greater Dallas

Lemonade Day Greater Dallas

Web: https://dallas.lemonadeday.org
E-mail: dallas@lemonadeday.org
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Lemonade Day is a FREE community-wide educational program designed to teach youth how to start, own and operate their own business using a lemonade stand. The program gives kids the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons through real-life experience.

Lemonade Day is a FREE, experiential program, whereby children, with an adult mentor, work through an on-line program that teaches them to plan out all aspects of running their own business: setting goals, developing a business plan, establishing a budget, seeking investors, providing customer service, saving for the future and giving back to the community. The kids then put their planning into action and run their very own business on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 – Dallas’s official Lemonade Day! Not only can Lemonade Day teach children the process for launching their own businesses, but it also empowers kids when they open their own business and realize they can be in control of their own destiny.

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