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Cathy's Critters

Cathy's Critters

Web: http://www.cathyscritters.com/
Phone: (972) 562-0583
Email: info@cathys-critters.com
Social Media:
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Cathy’s Critters is in the business of providing quality experiences with animals for kids, parents, and the community. Our belief is that one-on-one contact with animals, including coaching in care, feeding and being gentle, helps children develop a sense of empathy and connectedness with their world. Cathy's Critters can provide your event with a wide array of animal exhibits and packages. Our animals are always healthy, friendly and ready to interact with your children! Cathy's Critters offers Exotic Animal Presentations, Petting Zoos, Pony Rides, Nativity Scenes and Animal Rentals. "Critter Camp," for ages 5-12, is a week-long exploration of the farm, animal care, science, fun, and games. There will be tons more games, activities and even a "Friday Night Food & Fun!"

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